How to register a National NGO in Rwanda

How to register a National NGO in Rwanda
How to register a National NGO in Rwanda

How to register a National NGO in Rwanda

RGB has the mandate to register and monitor the functioning of civil society organisations to ensure that they are playing their rightful in propelling the country’s development forwards. RGB also serves as the coordinating entity of the Government and civil society cooperation frameworks through which several programs meant for poverty alleviation are implemented.

Rwanda Governance Board serves as a one-stop-center for both national and international NGOS. As of 2018, RGB counted 1,335 national NGOS and 173 International NGOs. All applicants for registration of National Non-Governmental Organisation is required to submit the following


  1. Recommendation letter issued by the District where organisation’s activities will be conducted.
  2. Notarized Statute of the organisation including the following elements: Mission, objectives, organisation’s headquarter, the organs (General assembly, Executive, conflict resolution and audit committees), organs’ hierarchy, responsibilities, procedures to elect leaders and term limits, membership procedures, etc .
  3. Notarized minutes of general assembly meeting which approved the statute, action plan as well as elected the organisation’s leaders and their names.

Note: List of General assembly participants showing their names, Identity, phone cntacts and their signatures should be attached.

  1. Curriculum Vitae of Legal Representative and the vice Legal Representative.
  2. Criminal records of both Legal Representative and vice Legal Representative.
  3. Notarized declaration of Legal Representative and vice, indicating that they are ready to assume responsibilities willingly.
  4. Action plan indicating activities to be conducted, beneficiaries, geographical scope and areas of intervention, activities’ timeframe, and budget allocated to each activity and source of fund.
  5. To pay 50,000 Frw non-refundable application fees.

Note: Application is done online through Irembo .All documents should be in PDF format and not exceeding 500 KBs


 Those who want to apply for Legal Personality are requested to bring;

  1. A  copy of temporary certificate
  2. Proof of payment of  100,000 frw non-refundable application service fees

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