How to get a get a local taxi in Rwanda

How to get a get a local taxi in Rwanda
How to get a get a local taxi in Rwanda

How to get a get a local taxi in Rwanda

Yego Innovations Limited – a local tech company has introduced a new taxi service named “YEGO cab” where cab services are only offered by calling a toll-free number and get instant services at affordable prices.


No smartphone, app, internet or even airtime is required. A passenger can just call the toll free number ‘9191’ available 24/7 in Kinyarwanda, English, or French, and tell them where you need the cab, and a taxi cab will be at their door step with just 5 minutes.. You will receive an SMS with the license plate number, driver’s name and phone number.

Metered Fare

The YegoCabs Intelligent Connected Fare Meter (ICFM) automatically calculates the fare based on the distance travelled. The fare is regulated by RURA, bringing an end to haggling.

Cashless Payments

YegoCabs can be paid with MTN Tap & Pay, MTN Mobile Money or YegoMoto Ride-Tap-Pay NFC tags. You don’t need to carry cash or worry about change. Cash payments are currently allowed but will be phased out in line with Rwanda’s Vision 2020 to become a cashless economy.

Remote Payments

In case you don’t have enough cash or mobile money to pay the fare, a passenger can ask a friend or family member to pay, even when they are far away, by just giving them the trip ID and amount, and they can pay via MTN Mobile Money. Parents can also pay for their children by connecting the NFC tag to their mobile money account.


A fare within the city centre costs, on average, RFr3000 to RFr4000, and double that out to the suburbs or later at night. A trip to the airport costs a standard RFr10,000.

Shorter distances between 2 and 30 km will be charged at 700 per kilometer

The first one kilometer traveled by passengers remains charged at 1500 RWF. In the same way, the distance above 30 kilometers is charged at 500 RWF per kilometer.

Verified Taxi Drivers and Taxi Owners

As a part of the registration process, Yego Innovision has vetted the documents of 665 taxi owners, 850 taxi drivers and 727 taxi cabs. The portal with all their details is available to RURA and the police to ensure that the necessary documents to operate a taxi, such as a license, insurance and authorization are always valid.


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